The Grandeur in this View of Life

What is Biogeocoenosis?

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“Biogeocoenosis” describes the intimate association (coenosis) between living things (bio) and the physical environment (geo): think of it like an ecosystem. The mission of biogeocoenosis (the blog) is to explore these associations in the broadest terms and to make the science behind ecological understanding as intellectually accessible as possible. I chose this name because it is a relatively archaic scientific term (so it was available as a domain name), because it is simply a wonderful word (I love words), and because it sounds like a disease, the primary symptoms of which are an incurable desire to know something about Life and Earth. I have this disease (fatal I fear), and I hope to infect you as well.

Scientific insights will be the main focus of the content, but “broadest terms” means including the philosophical, cultural, economic, and artistic interactions that humans share as part of the global biogeocoenosis. One of the main insights of ecology is that “everything is connected,” so the discussion, like evolution, can go in any number of directions.

So who’s the blogger? I am an ecologist and a Professor of Biology and Mathematics at a small liberal arts college in the Great Lakes region of the United States. I study how climate impacts the distribution, diversity, and interactions of living things, especially trees and insects.


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